Character Creation

Here you will find everything you need to make a character for Legends of the Guard. In addition to the character creation rules below, make sure to also check out the Wiki for background information on the world of Mouse Guard and ideas for where your mouse is from.

Race: So You Want To Be A Mouse?

A race known for their eternal spirit,
as varied as the Seasons themselves.

As perhaps indicated by it’s name, Mouse Guard is all about the adventures of mice in a harsh and unforgiving world. While each of you will be restricted to only playing a mouse, there are still choices to make which will influence your mouse’s abilities, background and demeanor.

Choosing A Home
Mice within the Guard hail from towns, villages and cities all across the Territories. While there are no official nations, the Territories are commonly divided into three distinct regions: Dark Reach, The Midlands and Wave Watch. Choosing a region you come from is the first step in making a mouse. See the corresponding pages for more background on each region, as well as the table below for their mechanical traits.

Dark Reach Midlands Mice Wave Watchers
Ability Scores: +2 CON / +2 WIS +2 STR / +2 CHA +2 DEX / +2 INT
Size: Medium Small Small
Speed: 6 7 6
Vision: Normal Normal Low Light
Languages: Common, Weasel Common, one more Common, two more

Choosing A Parentage
The Guard employs mice of every sort of color, breed, size and demeanor. All mice are welcome, regardless of how simple or decadent one’s upbringing might have been. What sort of life did your mouse have before the Guard? Choose one from the selections below:

  • Cultured: +2 Diplomacy / +2 Streetwise
  • Educated: +2 History / +2 Heal
  • Wild: +2 Endurance / +2 Stealth

Nimble Mind
Mice are quick learners, often entering the Guard already knowing a trick or two. Your mouse gains a bonus feat at 1st level. You must meet the feat’s requirements.

Extraordinary Resilience
Mice are survivors, able to withstand the harshest weather and the cruelest predators. Choose Exhaustion, Hunger or Anger. You may spend a Healing Surge to ignore penalty modifiers from your chosen condition until the end of the encounter. See House Rules for more information on these conditions.

Class: Roles In The Guard

The world of Mouse Guard may be populated by talking mice, scheming weasels and a forest full of secrets, but life here is not as mystical as it may seem. Magic, in any form, does not exist. Similarly, there are no gods or divine power. Really, would the struggle of mouse-kind be believable if you could light a wolf on fire with a simple look? As such, the classes available in the world of Mouse Guard are limited to the following choices:





In addition to these class restrictions, any powers with the Teleportation keyword are also forbidden.

Character Creation

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